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At Long Island Boardwalk candy apples, we're dedicated to serving up delicious Coney Island-style treats made with rich organically-sourced ingredients - and of course a dash of fun!  With over 100 combinations of base dips and toppings, you're sure to find the perfect handmade candy apple to satisfy any sweet tooth.  Order online or swing by our Levittown location for your next sweet snack, or explore our fundraising an party favor options for score a treat for everyone!

From Fresh to FUN!

We’re dedicated to providing the best quality candy apples with the most wholesome sources and ingredients. Read on to find out what makes the treats from so sweet!

Farm-Fresh Ingredients

We believe that our products should be top quality, inside and out. For decades, we’ve used only the best, farm-fresh Macintosh and Granny Smith apples. Our apples are hand-selected at the peak of freshness so they’re ready to be dipped into a delicious sweet coating. The tart and sweet taste of our apples complements all of our various toppings and delivers an amazing experience for your taste buds!

Hand-Dipped Apples

There’s only one way to prepare a Candy Apple, and that’s the old-fashioned way: hand-dipped to perfection! We take our time with each delicious apple to coat it with thick layers of candy, caramel, and/or chocolate. We believe that you and your family are worth every second of our preparation time. Our decades of experience and creativity have led to generations of families enjoying our freshly dipped apple products.

The Finest Dips
& Toppings

We feature only the finest dips and toppings in all of your favorite combinations. To name just a few, we’ve got traditional cherry candy, creamy caramel, and decadent milk and dark chocolate dips. Top it off with coconut flakes, freshly crushed nuts, your favorite brand of cookies, candy, or cereal, and so much more! The possibilities are endless, so we’re always coming up with new, delicious combinations!

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Dark Chocolate Caramel Candy Apple_01a.jpg
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